Universal Declaration of Human Rights

KULTUR <-- Kulturarkiv


ALMA Prize Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award


Happy End - a review

And after many days Ile

The Beer Pipeline (...or meanwhile in Wacken)

Kadosh - summary

West of The Jordan River - review

Field Diary - summary

Gitai - his ideas and motivation

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Egyptens faraoner Regentlängden till år 30

Nordisk historia

Svenska Kungar

Norska Kungar

Danska Kungar

The same Genetic Background for both the Jewish Israeli and the Arab Palestinians Ethnic culture is really just makeup


Cosquer Cave

It has been suggested that the Yamnaya brought the plague to Europe (Causing most of the stone age farmers to die maybe without offspring?)

SAMTID <-- Samtidsarkiv

Children of Syria // The Syria Report

Expo // Mytknäckarna

IRIN // UN News Centre // UN Refugee Agency // Reliefweb // F A O

Juan Cole - har koll på läget i Mellanöstern

European Roma Rights Center

Nobel Prize // The Olof Palme Prize // The Right Livelihood Award

Riktiga getbanken/Goat Bank/Ziegebank Pamela Andersson Foundation // Lumos

Palme Center // J-Pal // Beyoncé: BeyGOOD // Gates Foundation

Earthquake Track // Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Dollar Street // UNICEF

20 million people are starving right now


Drought crisis in the Horn of Africa

Moss Side 16 Jihadis Someone is radicalising them

Vulnerability to radicalisation PDF

How Salma and Zahra Halane were radicalised (Daily Mail is a bit sensationalist)

Inquirer News from Philippines

The Philippine Star News from Philippines

The Jakarta Post News from Indonesia

Eller också går det ner i nya chefens fickor

Guardian US News

Importance of the first three years

Hela Gotland Gotländska Nyheter

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Egyptiska gudar

Feniciska gudar

Fornnordiska gudar

Grekernas gamla gudar

Hettiternas gudar

Keltiska gudar

Koryakernas högsta väsen


INTERNT FLAMS // Privat Gabble