Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
20 million people are starving right now!
There is no such thing as race!

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ALMA Prize Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award



David Hogg

Ramon Contreras

Kai Koerber

Greta Thunberg



Polar Prize

Operation Ajax

Vagina Dialogue

Humanist Report doubts humanity's chances to survive if MBS gets his hands on Nuclear resources (Seems logical as MBS probably will give it to Al Qaida by mistake or something like that)

Rest in Peace BG Thanks for everything / Danke für alles

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Egyptens faraoner Regentlängden till år 30

Nordisk historia

Svenska Kungar

Norska Kungar

Danska Kungar

The same Genetic Background for both the Jewish Israeli and the Arab Palestinians Ethnic culture is really just makeup

Archeologica News


Megaliths in the coastal area of Europe

Pella Alexander the great was born here

Robert Smalls Text - US History

Robert Smalls Video - US History

Brief History of South Carolina US History

The Great Migration US History

Bernadette Devlin

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Nobel Prize // The Olof Palme Prize // The Right Livelihood Award // Palme Center // Expo // Den farliga mångfalden – om Sverigedemokraternas världsbild

Children of Syria // The Syria Report // Dollar Street // UNICEF // European Roma Rights Center // Memorial fund in honor of Hans Rosling

IRIN // UN News Centre // UN Refugee Agency // Reliefweb // F A O // Earthquake Track // Pacific Tsunami Warning Center // OCHA

Juan Cole // Gapminder Test 2018 // Welcome to the revolution // Never again // Survivors Network // Global Girls Alliance

Riktiga getbanken/Goat Bank/Ziegebank // Lumos // J-Pal // Beyoncé: BeyGOOD // Gates Foundation // Rihannas foundation: Clara Lionel Foundation

# Yemen # Somalia


All the democracy money can buy

Confronting one of the Dark Lords minions Brave! Wonderful! Compliments!

Bad sign

Bad sign

No she's right - money is the dominant factor here If you do not see that you're blind (the ethnical background of those involved is irrelevant - concentrate on the money, man!)

Good analysis Not sure what the conclusion will be

Vanguard News from Nigeria

One view of what happened in Kashmir ToI

One view of what happened in Kashmir Dawn

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Feniciska gudar

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Koryakernas högsta väsen

Tjuktjernas gudar

Interfaith calendar

Religous resources - sacred texts and more Courtesy of the University of Calgary, Library


St Valentine


Nirvana Day



INTERNT FLAMS // Privat Gabble