About Eid al Fitr

A firm stance against the Caliphate-idea AND at the same time a democratic dilemma


Al Aqsa Mosque

Alawi Alevi and Alawi are not the same



Alevi Alevi and Alawi are not the same



Ali Shariati - föreläsningar + andra länkar Den muslimske filosofen Shariati har påverkat många. Shahen av Iran lät mörda honom 1977

Alla var där - cool!

Allt om Ramadan

Al-Sudais' early spring tour 2011 accompanied by some alarm

An unnecessary conflict Both parties to blame - but still You can't possible believe that Saudi killed those people?! Saudis power elite are lazy parasites so their underlings don't do a proper job (maybe the lowliest are badly treated too) but still! It can't have been intentional!



Arresting the scantily clad males

Ashura celebrations with water and fire

Ashura celebrations with torches

Ashura Day

A Sufi-Festival: Urs of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh

Bab al-Saghir

Blasphemy law in Pakistan

Bling-Bling in the place of Worship

Bombing of Islamic Museum of Art

Brothers at war

Brunei Shariah law applies death sentence for homosexuality

Business or Religion?

Celebrating the Prophets (PBUH) Birthday or
- NOT Celebrating the Prophets (PBUH) Birthday That is the Question

CII Pushing Pakistan Back to the Caves

Concept of Evil is pretty much the same in the three Judeo/Christian/Muslim beliefs Acceptance of destiny not always the same

Daesh False Claims

Dangerous mosque

Day of Arafat

Death for critizising Muhammed

Different Ways to Worship


"divine blessings, stability and welfare of all mankind"

Does everyone distribute the slaughtered meat to the poor or just the very rich?

Don't you think flogging someone on grounds of insulting demeans the faith concerned? Flogging seems barbarical. Why not take their money instead?

Down with the hatemongers

Dumma människor i Irak förföljer Johannes döparens egen sekt Snart finns det inga Mandéer kvar i Irak

Early Uighur/Yugur religion to the time of conversion to Islam

Eid al-Adha

Eid al Adha

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al Fitr

Eid al Fitr

Eid al Fitr-info

Eid al Fitr - moon time

Eid al Ghadir

En allvarlig Eid

En utsträckt hand

Fear of strong magic?

Förvirrad Islamist-debatt Då gör man så här att då frågar man Matthias Gardell och Jan Hjärpe - de är båda utmärkta pedagoger, kunniga och kan inte ljuga. Sedan vet man precis hur det hänger ihop - garanterat!

Gemensam bön om regn


Grand Magal

Gülen movement

Gästen (Påven är gäst i den muslimska världen - hoppas alla trivs med varandra så såren läks och vi kan gå vidare någon gång)


Hajj 2017

Helgonfestivaler Himla bra reportage av Cecilia Uddén

Higher fees for repeat pilgrims Saudi needs all the money they can get

Himla bra med kommunikation

How Kind and Gallant!

Hui Muslims Mosque

Hur skulle profeten göra? Funderingar omkring etik och moral

Ibrahims muslimserver - ISLAM Koranen, etik, länkar, 'frågor och svar'

I döda Martyrers Sällskap blir den sjuke frisk i Afghanistan

Imams righting the wrong? al-Sisi told al-Alhazar University to shape up a year or two ago

Insulting Comments in Sermon

Intro to Islam

Islamic beliefs about the afterlife

Islam for the ordinary man

Islam in the Maldives

Islamisk arkitektur

Islamiskt center i Malmö

"Islamic Holy Places for All of the Ummah"

Isra and Miraj

Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus says "love thy neighbour"

Jurra Mosque


Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti

Killing of Priests, Witch Hunts...

KSA’s (Kingdom of South Arabia) gift to Egypt: ‘Islamic city’ at Al-Azhar

Koranen/Qur'an 47:38

Lailat al Bara'a

Lailat al Baraah

Lailat al Miraj

Lailat al Miraj

Lucknow Eid Prayers

Man bör vara religiös men inte för religiös, säger en del jemenitiska föräldrar till sina barn


Marginalized christians being used and abused

Mawlid al-Nabi - PROFETENS FÖDELSEDAG (31 mars 2007) firas i en del muslimska länder En generös helg där man ger varandra gåvor. Wahabiterna firar den inte då de är så strikta att de inte firar någon annan än G_D.

Makkah imam flays IS savagery

Mawlid an-Nabi

Mercy or not Mercy - that is the question A moral, political and ethical dilemma

Misuse of Blasphemy Law makes the Law impossible

Moon Sighting Committee (UAE)

Moqtada al-Sadr visits Mohammed bin Salman

Mo Salah's dilemma

Moses fick ju kontakt med Gud vid berget Sinai som alltså är en mycket helig plats för flera religioner Ett av världens äldsta kristna kloster, S:t Catherine, ligger här och en beduinmoské

Muhammad (PBUH) and the Makhzum clan




Muslim prayers - a guide

Muslims and Christians celebrating together in Nigeria Courage and Compassion

Mysticism and miracles

Nana Asma'u

Nation of Islam (amerikanska muslimer)

New Generation Leader

New Moon and Ramadan/Ramazan Wishing you all the blessings of the holy month!

Night of Destiny

Night of Forgiveness

Night of Forgivness

Night of Power

Night of Power

No God States, No Family Cartels running the Middle East States

No Haj for the child - before 10 years of age 2015


No pilgrimage for Qataris


Old bitter feelings

Om Ramadan på svenska (i Islamguiden)

Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation

Pakistan investigates attack on Hindu temple

Pilgrims' massacre

Pope and the Grand Imam in UAE Peace and freedom of belief is the message

Prayer for World Peace

President al-Sisi's Speach on Religious Revolution

Pretend Muslims/Låtsasmuslimer/Pretend musulmans/Nicht wirklich Muslime/المسلمون يست حقيقية/असली नहीं मुसलमानों/

Profeten Muhammed lät INTE omskära sina döttrar

Pretend Marabouts


Rafah Crossing Open for Hajj


Ramadan är till för att alla troende ska förstå och uppleva de fattiga/de utsattas villkor

Ramadan and the Sportsman

Ramadan is about empathy - you fast to gain empathy for those without anything

Ramadan Moon

Ramadan Rules (2016 Ramadan starts in the beginning of June)

Ramadan starts the 18th of june 2015

Ramadan 2017

Ramadan 2019

Regaip Kandili at the start of the three holy months

Religion and hate in Zanzibar Someone is stirring up trouble

Religion and Trade

Religious identity

Religious Intolerance

Religious reforms against extremists

Revering a murderer

Ring of Peace so that the Hindus can celebrate Holi

Rumi Celebration

Salafism i Västerås


Saudi government taking away religious police arresting priviliges - tells them to act kindly

Saudi Supreme Court and the Moon Sighting


Shia - It's all about Ali (en förklaring till vad Shia och Sunnimuslimer bråkar om)

Shia in Saudi Arabia

Shia in Saudi Arabia: The 1979 uprising

Should I stay or should I go? Religion, Punk and Freedom

Själ och kropp

Slavery, Marabout and the Mosque

Släpp fångarnas loss - det är Ramadan!

Some of the participants in the Islamic science and technology summit in Kazachstan

Somalia Sufi Revival

Some Mosques are open in Urumqi on Fridays (crisis summer 2009) Is the word Imma in China the same word as Umma used in Muslim and Western Nations?

Sometimes Gods children make a mess

So: The dead civilians - aren't they martyrs?!

So this men been radicalized How? Any Saudi money/Saudi mosques around? ISIS manipulators?

Spare the cattle

Spirit of service

Stories of Faith and Devotion

Sufi-poesi Sufism är litet djupare än vanlig muslimsk vardagstro

Tableeghi Jamaat forbidden to preach at campuses etc. Maybe it's too late?

The Conference in Tarim

The Foreign fighters in the Red Mosque 2015

The Madressah and the Poor Parent

The Muslim World poses a serious question! Please can we have some serious answers and not more vulgar pictures!
- You shouldn't make fun of other peoples faith! The Pope Speak

The Night of Power

The Night of Power 14th august 2012

Theological Panel

The persecution of Ahmadiyya makes people of good hearts take action 1

The persecution of Ahmadiyya makes people of good hearts take action 2

The Popes Visit to the Grand Mosque of Koudoukou in Bangui

The prophet as a social activist (Islam social history)

The Ramadan Quest - giving to the poor

There appears to be a difference of opinion on celebrating Mawlid or not

The Red Mosque = Lal Masjid

The Red Mosque 2007

The Red Mosque 2014

The Red Mosque 2015

There is a debate between Islam reformers and scholars

The Religious Conflict in Central African Republic (CAR) Is it a religious conflict?

The Root of the Forces of Darkness that threatens Islam is probably the Inequality (Class- and Gender) in Saudi Arabia

The Religious Cop and the Forbidden Party

The 10 commandments

These are not the words of a moderate and deeply religious man. These are the words of a closed mind with extremist views. Stop talking about "the jews" this and "the jews" that when you want to fingerpoint Israel and hide the fact that your power elite oppresses your own people!

The Turkish Mosque

The Wahabi invasion of Sri Lanka

The wisdom of Mohammed Mahmoud

To be like The First Generation (Sahaba) is to be a warrior. Is that what he wants them to be?

Towards mount Arafat

Treating Immigrant Workers bad will reflect bad on your honor - Grand Mufti or not

Vali Nasr (amerikansk expert på politisk islam)

Vatican Visits Al Azhar

Wahabism and the local Tyrant

Wahabism in Balkan

Wanting to Worship - but Not Allowed to

Waqf al Arafa (Day of Arafah) // Second Day of Hajj

Western questions on Ramadan

When was Fatima born?

Why are Muslims so... A poem by Sakila & Hawa

Why are they doing this right now? Saudi influence yet again?

Why can't you avoid Hajj in october 2013 AND for a couple of years till MERS-CoV disseappears? Is it all the money you make on the pilgrims?! Is that why you won't put it off, Saudi?

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt/Häxjakt

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

Yazidis syncretic religion

You Ain't no Muslim Bruv

Zakat (sharing with the poor). How two acquire wealth the Halal (Correct) way or the Haram (incorrect) way in Islam

Zeus fertility Cult 200 B C


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