Kinesisk religion

Amis Harvest Festival (Taiwan)

Bear Cult in Ancient China

Brown Earth Dog Year 2018 (Starts in February)

Chinese New Year 2019

Confucianism Summary The importance of Li

At Dong Zhi many people eat Tang Yuan and familys get together to celebrate the coming of winter The Japanese call this day Toji

At Spring Festival - then the Kitchen god will go to heaven and tell the Jade Emperor how every chinese family behaved If your smart you give the Kitchen god lots of honey so his lips will be shut

Cai-shen (or General Zhao of the dark terrace) rides the black tiger

Chinese Fox Worship

Chinese Ghost Month and Ghost Festival

Chinese Moon Festival

Chinese New Year

Ching Ming

Chongyang Double Ninth Festival

Chun Jie Is not 2014 Horses year (and not snake year) ?

Cultural China

Dags för skördemånens festival - ungefär i september

Date of Ullambana 2015 (28 aug. 2015)

Den kinesiska religionen, livshållningen och filosofin är urgammal (ca 3000 år eller äldre). Den grundar sig på idén om livskraften/andningen/luften: QI och de två krafterna som är sammanblandade: YIN (kvinnligt, mörkt, mystiskt och kallt) och YANG (manligt, fullt av livsblod, aggressivitet och rött) Poängen är just att de är SAMMANBLANDADE

Double Ninth Festival

Dragon Boat Festival (may/june)

Dragon boat festival
- Zhong Kui

Dragon Boat Festival - Three different legends on the origin

Drakhunden Pan hu är Yao-folkets förfader
- Pan Hus Festival


During the ghost month the gates to the world of the dead is open - and the ghost festival is celebrated

Even Confucius failed to become a public servant



History of the Tempel of Heaven in Beijing

How the intellectual/philosophical/religous power elite reasoned about wealth and sharing with the poor in ancient China

Hungry Ghost Festival / Vu Lan / Yu Lan Jie /Ghost month etc.

Hungry Ghost Festival

In Taoism Evil is irrelevant

In the relaxed year of the golden rabbit - let's fill our chi with strength - take a deep breath and negotiate for peace

Jade Rabbit Myths

Keelung Midsummer Ghost Festival

Lantern Festival

Mid-autumn festival

Mid Autumn Festival

Minnet av Konfucius

Mooncakes on the now mostly secular Mid-Autumn Day

Moon Festival

Mo-Tzu: "Älska din nästa såsom dig själv"

Mountain burial (close to the gods?) Somewhere in Peru a very long time ago there was the same kind of burials

Qing Ming

Qing Ming

Qing Ming The Feast for the dead

Qing Ming Painted Eggs? Just like European ancient culture, Iranian Nawruz, Christians etc.

Qing Ming 2013 Time for tomb sweeping

Qixi festival


Qixi - Double seventh day - Young girls festival

Religion, materialism och frihet (Det lustiga är att överklassen i Kina har sett ner på böndernas religiositet i flera tusen år. Långt innan Mao sade att "Religion är opium för folket" till Dalai Lama)

Romancing the dragon in Ancient China

Significance of the year of the pig is wealth

Special Rites the passage in China

Spring Festival 2013 In february it's the start of the year of the water snake

Tao Restoration Society De vill återinföra Taoism i Kina

Tanabata celebrates the Oxherder and the Weaving Maiden (as do the Chinese and the Koreans?) The oxherd and weaving maiden are two stars on each side of the milky way

The august moon festival

The chinese worship of the moon

The Legend of Magpie Bridge

The multi-religious capital of Kublai Khan

The One who Hears the Cries of the World - Kuan Yin

The sacred totem of Miao

The sacred walnut of Yi

The seven sisters birthday: Qi Xi It's all about love, marriage and a sacred cow

The World as a Living System

The Year of the Fire Monkey

The Yellow Turbans and the Scripture of Great Peace

Torch Festival (Yi)

2012 is the Water Dragon Year The best and most hopeful year

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster in China The New year starts at 28th of january 2017

We do not understand your fears chinese government. We do not! As the west see them - these people are not even religious. What is it that disturbs you so?

When the dragon raises it's head

"When you hear my voice , follow me" (Taiwanese grief and spirit belief)

Who will be the goddes of compassion (Guan Yin) this year?

Zhuanshan Festival

Zhongyuan Festival/Yulanpen Festival /Hungry Ghost Festival

Åstadkom himmelsk harmoni utan religiösa invektiv Kinesisk kritik av Bush vokabulär


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