Aardman (Wallace and Groomit, Shaun the sheep etc.)

      A cartoon from Laos

      A Cartoon History of Colonialism in Puerto Rico Ed Morales

      Aësops Fables as Cartoons

      Africa Animation Net

      Akili and Me Time to count

      Ali Baba Cartoon film

      Ali Ferzat

      A Look at Voter Rights through Political Cartoons

      Alootook Ipellie

      Analyzing Kiki’s Delivery Service


      Anime Festival Asia


      Arab Comics Exhibition

      Arab Comix Project

      Arab spring cartoon

      Arcadio Esquivel


      Armenian song and cartoon teaching kids alphabet

      Arne Anka



      Asterix and the Griffins

      Ava Ayala

      A Visual History, 1940–1963 PDF



      Barbapapa Family


      Beetle Bailey

      Belgian_cartoonists Wiki

      Bella and Bear Russian Folk tale

      Betty Boop - 1935

      Beyond Ghibli

      Bim Eriksson

      Big mouth

      Bill Waterson



      Bluey: The magic xylophone


      Brian Griffin

      Brief History of Political Cartoons in 7 Works Sothebys

      British visual satire 18th-20th centuries

      BRZKR Keanu Reaves in cartoon format

      Calvin and Hobbes


      Cartonist group

      Cartooning for peace

      Cartoons and folklore in Oceania

      Cartoons exposing political manipulation

      Cartoons for social justice


      Characters in South Park

      Charles Addams

      Charles M. Schulz Museum

      Chinese Cartoon

      Claire Bretécher

      Coconut Boy

      Come on Barbie lets go party Unexpected music to marching - fun way to make marching bearable or maybe just a threat?




      Cuban Melodrama Very old cartoon



      Darwin awards

      DC Comics

      Detective Pikachu


      Dilbert (Scott Adams)

      Disney Princess

      Dog Island: Wes Anderson (official trailer)

      Dr. Snuggles

      Donald Duck


      Dostoevsky Doodles

      Dudok de Wit

      Durga Baral

      Early political cartoons

      Earwig and the Witch

      En riktig karl

      Everett Soop

      Famous Cartoonists from Belgium

      Fantastic mr Fox: Wes Anderson (official trailer)

      Felix the cat 1922-1927



      Forbidden Cartoon-ducks




      Gargouri: Desperate Blédardes

      Ge mig ett T... Ge mig ett A ;)

      Gena the Crocodile and Cheburashka (Drutten och Krokodilen)

      George the Hedgehog

      Georgian animation Tsuna & Tsrutsuna


      Hayao Miyazaki

      Felsökning/Trouble Shooting ; )

      Flash Gordon

      French 18th century political cartoons

      Funny animations Bird Box Studios (I think)

      Graphic activism in Madagascar (conservation efforts)

      Gruffalo World

      Går det så går det ; ) Isländsk utpressning



      Happiness Steve Cutts

      Harriet Tubman - Demon Slayer (A review)

      Harrys View (SCMP)

      Hellboy - interview with Mike Mignola the creator

      Hellen Jo

      How to train your dragon

      Icelandic humor

      Ig Nobel Prize 2021

      Indian Folktales as Cartoons

      Indian political cartoons

      Influential political cartoons

      Inside Out

      Inspector Gadget

      In the shade of the trees


      Jamaica Gleaner Cartoon

      James Gillray


      Joaquin Carrasquilla

      José Hernández

      Juan Giménez

      Juan Padrón


      Karl Barks

      Karol Wojtyla: Pope of the Third Millennium.

      Kata Kata

      Katharina Greve

      Kellerman - creator of Rocky

      Kimetsu No Yaiba - Demon Slayer

      Kleine Prinzessin

      Krazy Kat



      Kurser för riktiga karlar

      La Caricature

      Lakou Kajou

      La Linea


      Lambiek Comiclopedia

      Łauma by KaeReL

      Lazy Huri Armenian Folk Tale

      Lena Ackebo

      Life in the time of Corona


      Lise Myhre

      Lise Myhre

      Little Prince

      Liv Strömquist

      Loeki de Leeuw


      Lucky Luke

      Machu Picchu Post in Cartoons

      Magical Girl Site

      Manga, A short history of

      Manipulating with cartoon figures To root for political violence

      Manipulating with cartoon figures To sell unhealthy products

      Maricio de Souza

      Marvel Universe

      Masha & The Bear

      Maslovs Siberia

      Master class of storytelling (about Gary Larson)

      Mats Jonsson

      Maxine Comic Collection


      Meg O'Shea

      Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka - Animated Summary Animated Books

      Miguel Fernandez

      Mickey Mouse

      Mir Suhail


      Missionary Protects Maori Cartoon in older times


      Modesty Blaise


      Molly of Denali

      Mom Computer Therapy ; )

      Monte Wolverton

      Monty Python Communist Quiz sketch


      Moomin valley love


      Muren/The Wall

      Myanmar Farming and Nutrition Animation (UN)

      Myau Myau Biralo

      Myazaki and creativity (Kinda Neet)

      Måndag morgon



      Naryan Debnath


      Nina Hemmingsson

      91:an Karlsson

      No one checked for the truth except the comedians Trevor Noah et al

      Nowhere man

      Old Master Q

      Opinion cartoons in the Toronto Sun

      Orphan Boy & Magic Cap


      Pacific Comic Strips




      Pineapple man

      Political Cartoons American Revolution

      Political Cartoons from a Golden Age of British Satire Steinhauer

      Political cartoons last 100 years Stacker

      Political cartoons then and now

      Political Philosophy of Calvin and Hobbes

      Polynesian Culture Comics Cover Art Gallery

      Pradeep cartoon of the day

      Priyas mask

      Professor Balthazar


      Ramayana as cartoon for kids

      Rango Josh Keefe analyzes

      Rayma Suprani

      Recipe for Disaster Masha and the Bear

      Richard Starzak (Makes Shaun the sheep with others at Aardman)

      Ricky Gervais suggest how US should deal with Trumps presidency


      Rosie helps big bear

      Rudolph Töpffer

      Sabrina The Teenage Witch

      Samandariin Tsogtbayar: Urban dilemma

      Sandmännchen East- and West-German animated doll

      Sara Granér

      Satirical Artworks

      Satirical Artwork 16th century Cranach satirizes the pope

      Satirical Coat of arms (Cranach)


      Send in the mouse

      Sergio Aragones


      Shang Chi

      Shoot Self in Foot A Basic Programmers Joke ; )

      Simons cat



      Snow White

      Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

      Social justice anger management


      Soviet cartoons in Cuba

      Spring Goralczyk (Music: Lee)

      Spy vs Spy


      Stavro Jabra R.I.P

      Staying alive

      Steamboat Willie Early Mickey Mouse



      Takaro Tribe

      Tales from the cryptkeeper

      Tegnet forntid/ Drawings about ancient times

      10 coming of age cartoons

      Tenali Raman Cartoons

      10 cartoons for social justice


      The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy

      The Curse of Minky Momo

      The Far Side (Gary Larson)

      The first steps

      The 45th Infantry Division

      The Ghastly Piper

      The Phantom

      Times of India Cartoons

      Tips för en bättre vardag

      Tiq-Tiq and friends go looking for miracles Animation from Azerbaijan

      Top Five Angry Cartoon Characters

      Ultraman Tiga


      Upin & Ipin

      Using comic strips to indoctrinate

      Using comic strips to teach

      Venezuelan comic books

      Vida Maria

      Vietnam War explained in an easy-to-understand way


      Waltz with Bashir

      Watership Down

      What makes Belgian comics so successful?

      When Hulk got his anger issues

      Where is the cake? Thé Tjong-Khing

      Whisper of the heart

      Why did the chicken cross the road?

      W.I.T.C.H. Season 1 - Episode 01


      Yeon-Sik Hong: Ummas table

      Yoram Gross

      Zahoor cartoon

      Zunar and Fahmi Reza

      87:an Axelsson


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