Japans nationalreligion

Akita Kanto

Bon // Obon // Festival of Souls

Amaterasu (Shinto_deity) Japanese Sun Goddess

Bushido and the Japanese police

Bushido and Japanese nationalism

Goryo-e Warding against evil spirits the Shinto Way

Happy New Gantan-sai

Hidesato visits the Dragon Water God in his palace under the sea - gets three gifts The Dragon Water Gods palace is called Ryugu-jo

Hina Matsuri

Meiji Shrine: New Year Ceremony

O-Bon-Day Maybe it's a moore Buddhist holiday

Om Shinto av Shintopräster



Tanabata celebrates the Oxherder and the Weaving Maiden (as do the Chinese and the Koreans?) The oxherd and weaving maiden are two stars on each side of the milky way

The Awa Odori Dance is performed at O Bon

The beans of Setsubun Happiness in

The Ritual of the Japanese Rice Planting Festival Taue Matsuri

The Emperors daughter and the Sun Goddess

What to eat, what to say, what to sing at Jugoya (japanese full moon festival)


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